Who we are

TRIEST is a non-governmental organisation, and we are members of UNPO (United Nations and Peoples Organisation) representing the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste.
In november 2014, we have been introducing for the first time in decades the Question of Trieste at a UN general assembly.

The members of TRIEST NGO:

  • are rooted in Civil Society, in the Free Territory of Trieste and internationally;
  • don’t make any commercial or financial profit from TRIEST NGO’s activities;
  • define the protection of the Human and Civil rights of the Citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste an urgent priority;
  • acknowledge the necessity for development on an International basis for Trieste’s Territory and Port;
  • realize that the pursue of the International and multicultural role of citizens, institutions and entrepreneurial activities is the only way for the Free Territory of Trieste to take full advantage of its peculiarities;
  • know that the public administration has to be transparent, faithful to the citizenry, and apt to the application of civil rights;
  • believe in social justice, equity and respect for human rights, as all people should enjoy the rights they hold under international law and conventions;
  • act in a proactive way, in order to generate more opportunities for development;
  • lay the foundations for more sustainable work and life environmental conditions for future generations;
  • aim to be part of a learning organisation which is flexible and responsive to the needs of the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste.

Where we are

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Headquarters: 51.508500, -0.125740
Trieste office: 45.656406, 13.774811
official representative - Spain: 28.291564, -16.629130
official representative - USA: 33.953349, -117.396156
official representative - Ghana: 5.533333, -0.416667
official representative - Switzerland: 46.801666, 7.145568
official representative - Mexico: 19.136500, -103.821626

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