What YOU can do

  • If you speak fluently and you can write perfectly in two or more languages (excl. Italian, Slovenian and Croatian);
  • If you have highly specialized skills (technical, practical, theoretical) that you think could be of immediate application to the defense of rights/for development;
  • If you live outside of the “Mitteleuropean” area, but you’re well aware of the situation of Trieste, of its Port and Territory, as well as of the urgency of improving it, and you are willing to act; or
  • If you have any relevant contact in media organisations;

if you meet one (or more) of these definitions and you’re willing to help an active non-profit organization,
you might want to contact us as soon as possible.

Please remember that, even if you can’t help in a specific way, you can still make a donation to support what we do.

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